3D Stereoscopic Services

Modern 3D technologies at your service.

3D Moviemaking


  • Professional two camera robust stereoscopic 3D mirror based system.  Shooting is realized in 2x Full HD resolution (1920x2160px 24fps or 25fps Over/Under progressive).  Thanks to clever design of rig is possible to shoot, with great 3D effect, large panorama scenes same as super macro details! For the 3D shooting we can deliver to workplace also enhanced high quality real-time 3D preview (optionally active or passive 3D monitor or 3D projection). We can do moviemaking same as complete production and posproduction of 3D movies.

Technical Specification:

  • 3D HD Mirror RIG
  • 2x Full HD CANON XH-G1
  • True HD 3CCD
  • True 25F mode
  • HD-SDI OUT (1 920 x 1 080p)
  • HDD recording (1 920 x 2 160px, 3D Over/Under, DQ3D, DepthQ Capture Server)
  • 3D Live Preview (with live 3D depth/parallaxes correction, 3D Full color RGB display with 3D active glasses)
  • 3D stereoscopy supervisor

3D Production & 3D Postproduction

  • Short 3D promotional movie about your company that may include interview with director of company, etc.
  • 3D movie showing your factory, new modern technologies in your factory or laboratory and "how it works" computer based animations, schematics, graphs, 3D wired and rendered models.
  • 3D educational / promotional movie with actors in addition to educational 3D computer based animations, visualizations (for example car models, how it works animations, graphs, etc.).

3D computer graphics & 3D animations

  • Conversion of your company logo to real 3D stereoscopic version, creating of short 3D "intro" animation with your logo.
  • Creation of 3D computer based models for 3D visualization (for example car spare parts or 3D schematics), etc.
  • Creation of 3D presentation (with 3D slides, 3D animations, graphs, etc.), 3D animated advertisement, promotional 3D animations explaining new technologies in your factory, how it works animations, e-learning 3D animations, etc.
  • 3D visualization of 3D computer based models (wired CG 3D models) exported from you company software like AutoCAD, Invertor, Maya, 3ds max, etc. We can import these models, create real materials, textures and create 3D animations, 3D schematics, etc.

2D to 3D photo conversion

  • Conversion of standard 2D photo or 2D image to 3D stereoscopic version.

2D to 3D PowerPoint presentation conversion

  • Conversion of standard PowerPoint slides to 3D stereoscopic version.
  • Creating

3D advertisement for modern 3D digital cinemas

  • Production and mastering of 3D advertisement for 3D cinemas. 3D Digital Cinema Package standard (3D DCP) - Full HD or 2K resolution / 24 fps progressive for each eye.

3D content for modern 3D televisions

  • Production and mastering of 3D materials (3D movies, 3D animations, etc.) for modern 3D TVs. Conversion of 3D content to native 3D format for modern 3D TVs (for example, Samsung, Panasonic & other 3D TVs). 3D L/R Full HD 1920x1080p format.

Live 3D – 3D live broadcast

  • Installation of 3D camera system at one location which feeds into a 3D projection system at another location, such as an exhibition stand, to allow viewers to see live 3D video.
  • Live 3D broadcasts are possible between different rooms, houses or even cities, even in different countries.

3D projection synchronized with additional special effects

  • Our special projection software allows for synchronized showing with 3D projection and many other real time special effects like fog, LED lights, wind / fan, spotlights, and all other DMX compatible devices.
  • This feature can be used for 3D promotional/educational movie projection with additional effects such as controlling fan during fast camera movements during the 3D film, controlling lights in the room, etc.

3D Projection Installations

  • We can supply a 3D projection system specifically for your needs such as small mobile 3D setups for exhibition stands, large screen 3D systems for conference halls, or simple customized systems suitable for your specific needs.

3D Projection systems for rent


3D System 3D technology width of screen resolution brightnes recommended # of viewers included in system
Passive 3D Monitor Circular Polarization 45cm 1080p N/A 3 - 5 3D server, 5 x 3D glasses
3D DLP TV Active 3D 70cm 1080p N/A 3 - 5 3D server, IR Emitter for 3D glasses, 5 x 3D glasses
Active 3D system I. Active 3D 2.5m 720p 2700 ANSI 10 - 15 3D server, IR Emitter for 3D glasses, 15 x 3D glasses
Active 3D system II. Active 3D 3.5m 720p 3500 ANSI 10 - 15 3D server,IR Emitter for 3D glasses, 15 x 3D glasses
Active-Passive 3D System I. 3D Polarization modulator projection 2m 720p 2700 ANSI 20 - 40 3D server,  40 x 3D glasses, 2m 3D projection screen
Active-Passive 3D System II. 3D Polarization modulator projection 3.2m 720p 3500 ANSI 20 - 40 3D server,  40 x 3D glasses, 3.2m 3D projection screen
Passive 3D System I. Passive projection (two synchronized projectors) 3.2m 720p 5400 ANSI 50 - 100 3D server,  100 x 3D glasses, 2m 3D projection screen
Passive 3D System II. Passive projection (two synchronized projectors) 4.2m 720p 5400 ANSI 100 - 200 3D server, 200 x 3D glasses, 4.2m 3D projection screen
Two synchronized 3D Passive systems 2x Passive projection (four synchronized projectors) 2 x 3.2m 2 x 720p 5400 ANSI 100 - 200 3D server, 200 x 3D glasses, 2x3.2m 3D projection screen

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