Anaglyph (red-blue 3D glasses)

3D anaglyf technologie (anaglyph)Touch of history - Anaglyph (red-blue glasses)

Anaglyph is one of the oldest 3D visualization technologies. It is bases on the well known red-blue or red-green glasses. It had played an important rule in the past, but it should be considered as obsolete nowadays. The anaglyph still has some advantages (simple glasses, works with standard printing techniques and visualization devices).

The principle of anaglyph work

We need again to solve the same problem – separate left and right image. Fo anaglyph both images are overlapped and each one is printed in different color. The glasses contain color filter passing through only the proper image color. Scientifically – the anaglyph is base don separating light of different wavelength.schema - 3D technologie anaglyf (anaglyph)

Disadvantages of anaglyph

The anaglyph use color for separation – so the original colors of the image are totally corrupted. During the anaglyph visualization the human brains is strongly over-burned by the color reconstruction effort. For most of people this is a great discomfort. Different modification of anaglyph based on cyan or yellow filters are not able to solve this problem. A partial solution is a black and white only anaglyph using colors only for the eye separation.

Overview of 3D stereoscopic technologies:

technology color informations rozlišení obrazu projection monitors / tv num. of viewers 3D cinema expenses
[price / operating costs]
Active 3D full high yes (2) yes (3) limited (4) high / high
Passive 3D full high yes yes high high / low (5)
3D Polarization Modulator full high yes no high middle / low
3D Auto-Stereoscopic Monitors full (1) low no yes low -
3D Anaglyph very bad middle yes yes high low / low
(1) - the colors are often damaged by the rainbow or ghosting effect.
(2) - active 3D is not suitable for large 3D cinemas. Active 3D glasses are expensive and servising is also hard job (repairing, replacing / recharging bateries, etc.).
(3) - active 3D displays (3D TV, computer 3D flat panels) provide the highest 3D quality from all 3D screens.
(4) - number of viewers is limited by expensive 3D glasses and the wireless signal range.
(5) - 3D Modulator is currently the best 3D technology for all modern 3D digital cinemas.