3D DepthQ Software

Enjoy the high quality of DepthQ software. In this family are advanced 3D DepthQ Player, 3D DepthQ Capture and 3D DepthQ Format.

3D DepthQ® Player

GPU Accelerated Stereoscopic 3D Player

DepthQ®PlayerTM is a feature-packed software solution
for the high-quality playback of stereoscopic 3D (s3D) movies
from a standard PC.

Easy to use and designed from the ground up as a professional
product, DepthQ®PlayerTM combines efficient code architecture
and superior throughput for flawless, high-bandwidth playback of
either locally stored or URL-accessible stereoscopic movies, as
well as s3D streaming IP video.

DepthQ®PlayerTM delivers the most comfortable-to-view stereo 3D experience possible, and allows cost-effective viewing of high-
resolution stereoscopic media in a wide variety of environments –
from remote 3D viewing stations, operating rooms and conference
rooms to s3D cinemas, museum exhibits, portable theaters, motion simulators, corporate events and trade shows.

DepthQ®PlayerTM is available in three configurations:

  • Lite – A free-to-download demonstration version which accepts up to 1920x1080 60P per eye input, and delivers up to 1920x1080 60P* per eye output. Intended as evaluation software, DepthQ®PlayerTM Lite incorporates a subtle watermark, with modest restricted playlength and playlist functionality
  • Standard – A licensed commercial version capable of displaying up to 1280x720 60P per eye specially tuned for the DepthQ® HDs3D-1 video projector
  • Pro– A licensed professional version capable of displaying up to 1920x1080 60fps progressive per eye and beyond, with enhanced feature-set and functionality
DepthQ Player
Computer: Intel Core i7 based CPU (i7-950 or better)
Motherboard: Core i7 Motherboard (Asus P6T or similar)
RAM: 3GB DDR3 1333 RAM
Data Storage: Multi-disk RAID0 storage array (2 disk or more)
Operating System: Windows® XP Pro 32 bit
Graphics Card: A single Quadro® graphics card with support for quad-buffered OpenGL stereo: nVidia® Quadro® FX3700 or better (DIN3 stereoscopic sync connector required)
Capture Cards:
SD/HD HDMI Capture Card:
2x Blackmagic Design Intensity Pro Capture Cards
Analog SD and Digital SD/HD via HDMI

SD Capture Card:
2x Osprey240e Capture Cards
Optimized for PCI Express® Architecture

HD SDI Capture Card:
1x Blackmagic Design Decklink Duo Capture Cards
Full resolution SD/HD SDI editing card
Security: One free USB port for HW key installation

3D DepthQ® Capture

Stereoskopic 3D HDD Media Recorder

DepthQ®CaptureTM is a powerful software solution for the ingest, recording and monitoring of stereo 3D video from two simultaneous camera inputs at up to dual HD resolution.

Features include low latency, real-time monitoring, a camera alignment aid and visual overlays to assist in optimizing your 3D effects for various target playback screens.

DepthQ®CaptureTM ingests your two independent video sources (or single camera stereoscopic source), whether Analog, HD-SDI, HDMI, FireWire or USB. It then concatenates them together as an above/below image to preserve sync and processes the result - applying any compression required. Lastly, it serves the final stereo data as a single data stream to any 3D (or 2D) monitoring device at the required resolution, frame rate, and encoding standard for that display.

For instance, if the 3D monitoring display is the DepthQ® HDs3D-1 video projector, DepthQ®CaptureTM transforms the input to the required 1280x720 resolution in a frame-sequential (L-R-L-R) VESA-VGA format at 120 frames per second.

Simultaneously, with the click of a button, DepthQ®CaptureTM can record this stream to hard disk for later playback via DepthQ®PlayerTM, or for editing and post-production in standard video processing software. The entire process - from capture through processing and delivery is accomplished with extremely low latency for critical realtime monitoring.

DepthQ®CaptureTM code runs under Windows® XP, Vista, Windows 7 and supports HD-SDI and the Motion JPEG codec (as well as any other codec with adequate performance to capture dual stream data).

pdf DepthQ Capture Product Sheet [PDF]
pdf DepthQ Capture Manual [PDF]

DepthQ Player

3D DepthQ® Format

3D Stereoscopic Media Converter

Easy to use 3D video converter. This tool lets you to convert your 3D record to another 3D video standard (such as Over/Under or Left/Right).